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Massimo Aria is associate professor in Statistics for Social Sciences at the Department of Economics and Statistics of the University of Naples Federico II and Ph.D. in Computational Statistics.

He is professor of Statistics for Social Sciences, Statistical Inference, Statistics for Business Decision Making at the degree course in Economy of the University of Naples Federico II.

He is professor of R programming at the master course in Economy of the University of Naples Federico II. 

He is professor of MatLab and R programming at the PhD course in Social Science and Statistics of the University of Naples Federico II.

His favorite field of research, in the methodological statistics, concern with methods of non-parametric classification and regression, with a particular reference to the tree-based models and to the incremental approaches for: data editing and the imputation of missing values; and to the customer satisfaction techniques. In the field of Applied Statistics, he worked to the planning and realization of sample surveys and the use of methods of multidimensional data analysis and Data editing for the analysis of problems connected to social, health, economic and biological phenomena.

He is author of several software packages written in MatLab and R languages in the field of statistical methodologies applied to health, and social sciences.

From 2007 He is member of STAD research group (

During last decade, he has participated, as researcher member or coordinator, to several research projects among them three European projects, three national projects financed by MIUR and seven projects financed by Campania Region.




An R-tool for comprehensive science mapping analysis

A tool for quantitative research in scientometrics and bibliometrics. 

Bibliometrix package provides various routines for importing bibliographic data from SCOPUS, Clarivate Analytics' Web of Science, PubMed and Cochrane databases, performing bibliometric analysis and building data matrices for co-citation, coupling, scientific collaboration analysis and co-word analysis. 

PLS-SEM Matlab Toolbox

PLS-SEM Toolbox provides the capability to estimate Structural Equation Models with Partial Least Squares algorithm (SEM-PLS, PLS-SEM or PLS Path Modeling). 

Different setups for estimation of factor scores and weighting schemes can be used. Moreover, it comprises modular routines for computation of bootstrap confidence intervals, model parameters and several quality indices. 

Numerous graphical outputs help to assess the model. 

Maltab Central File Exchange Repository 


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